Our first forum was in 2010.  There we  combined council candidates from both Newport Beach and Costa Mesa for the first time ever on one stage. 

Articles about this forum Sept. 30th 2010

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The first Forum in 2010 was just an experiment, but it worked and the Feet to the Fire brand was born. 
In that first forum we grouped Newport and Costa Mesa candidates on one stage. 
Newport Candidates L-R Ed Reno, Rush Hill and Mark Tabert faced off in the hot seats. Hill won the election. 
Costa Mesa Candidats L-R Sue Lester, Chris McEvoy and Wendy Leece traded barbs. In the end Leece won her incubant seat back in this election. 
The audience was riveted at the discussion on stage and many felt this forum changed the tide in both city's council races. Out of the success of this first forum, the F2F  series was born and continues.
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