Feet to the Fire 3  April 5th 

With the 74th Assembly race heating up- on stage were candidates Newport Councilwoman Leslie Daigle, Bob Rush and Assemblyman Alan Mansoor.  Many felt Daigle's poor performance here knocked her out of the running in the June primary election. 
Mansoor and Rush went toe to toe on issues.  Rush made a good showing surprising many in the audience and on the panel. 
Newport Councilwoman Daigle also surprised many with her combative answers - attacking her opponents. In the end she didn't impress many audience members or the F2F gang.  
As the forum's creators, John Canalis and Barbara Venezia felt this was one of the group's best presentations to date.  

How it affected the outcome of the primary,  spoke to the power of this un-restricted format. There were over 300 in attendance. 

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