The 4th Feet to the Fire Forum  took place September 5th 2012.  This time the F2F gang put candidates for Costa Mesa City Council on the hot seats. 

John Stephens, Sandy Genis, Harold Weitzberg, Colin McCarthy and councilmen Gary Monahan and Steve Mensinger all participated.  

The audience was packed- over 400 attended. 

On one side of the conservative fence were the "Three M's" - McCarthy, Monahan and Mensinger. On the other end was Genis, Stephens and Weitzberg.
Forum creators, John Canalis and Barbara Venezia listened intently as the political conversation progressed. 
Mensinger took questions head on and defended his stand on outsourcing, unions, his image, and decisions of the current council. 
Weitzberg had the audience mesmerized as he explained his reasons for supporting the medical marijuana issue. 

By far John Stephens was the shinning star at this forum. Many of us agreed he was the smartest on the panel and gave the most compelling arguments on issues with legal facts backing them. 

Watch this forum in its entirety by Clicking Here!