Feet to the Fire 5 on Oct. 15th 2012 dealt with the issue of Measure V - a proposed new city charter for Costa Mesa. 

On the hot seat were Mayor Pro Tem and author of the Charter, Jim Righeimer.  Opposing viewpoints came from former city councilwoman/ attorney Katrina Foley. 

There were over 500 people in attendance at this event. This was the largest Feet to the Fire crowd to date!
Before the event, I talked with our technical folks about streaming the event on our site as noted blogger Geoff West looked on -note book in hand! 
As the panel took the stage we did mic checks and went over last minute instructions for the night's performance. 
Patii Gordon and Tim Stoaks help with set up at each forum and greet guests as they arrive at the Costa Mesa Community Center. 
Here is the streaming video from the forum. Unfortunately we lost audio in the first 10 minutes or so- don't be discouraged it got better as we moved along.