The stage was set for our 6th Feet to the Fire Forum at the Costa Mesa Community Center dealing with candidates running for the 74th Ca Assembly District. 
Candidates were: Keith Curry, Matt Harper, Emanuel Patrascu, Karina Onofre and Anila Ali

Roger and candidates Patrascu and Harper talk before the forum starts. With about 100 people in attendance, the audience was intrigued by the interaction of candidates once the questions started getting tough. 

Matt Harper and Anila Ali were on opposite sides of most issues, though Ali held her own as a first time candidate, it was evident she was out of her league. 
Keith Curry was clearly the front runner of the forum and answered questions well. He seemed to be the most knowledgeable on stage and handled himself with dignity.
No doubt the wild card of the evening was Karina Onofre. Her remarks garnered boos at times as she verbally attacked "old people". And when she said she was both pro abortion and anti abortion, she left the audience- and the journalists puzzled.  Though she made for good television, many walked away thinking she wasn't good candidate material. 

Candidate coordinator Roger Bloom and I were all ready fired up in our outfits.
Journalists Norberto Santana Jr from Voice of OC, Alicia Lopez-Daily Pilot and Jack Wu - OC Register's Current, asked one tough question after the next and kept candidates on their toes as John Canalis and Barbara Venezia looked on. 
Read media coverage of the event here- This will be updated daily as more news is posted: 

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